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Your tuner MUST have 1.1.2 firmware or later to have the VIN option into menu
So always do a update to latest software if you have older release on tuner

Do the following to get file we need to create new VIN Key(s) for you:

 1. Do a KeyON

 2. Go into main menu

 3. Config tools


 5. Request Unlock Code(s)

 6. Request Additional VIN license from 1 to 3

 7. You will get a file on SD card with name UCR.REQ

 8. You must send us this file

 9. You will get back file UCC.ACK copy file into root directory of SD card

 10. Go into Config Tools/Unlock codes again and press install unlock code

 11. Tuner will now have a additional VIN license

You must have latest firmware on tuner to get the VIN license option!!

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